The Resurgence of Austen Authors

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Every Woman Dreams...


Phoenix_rising_from_its_ashes.jpg   Public Domain Phoenix_rising_from_its_ashes.jpg Public Domain

Tomorrow a group blog of which I was a member from September 2010 to January 2014 will relaunch with a whole new group of Austen-inspired authors. Sharon Lathan and I will act as administrators for Austen Authors, which will rise from the ashes as did the fabled Phoenix.

This weekend, one can find the “Launch” giveaway details, as well as the winners from our pre-Launch activities. The real, “get-down-to-business” posts begin on Monday, January 26. So, if you are a reader who needs more Austen in your life, please check us out.

Among our happy crew, we have those who write sequels, retellings, variations, and contemporary stories. Some set their stories in Regency England, while others explore the same concepts, but in a modern world. There are those who write women’s fiction and those who write for young adults. Most also pen stories beyond the Austen…

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