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VIOLETTA RAND: A Splash of Romance

I love to hear what motivates authors–especially inspirational quotes or quirky mottos. Some are completely new to me, others are friendly reminders. Regardless of their origin, there’s wisdom everywhere.


B.J. Scott – “Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good as far as it can be obtained.” C.S. Lewis

Stacey Kennedy – “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr. Seuss

Ella Quinn – “Spit in one hand and wish in the other, see which one gets full faster.”

Ria Cantrell – “Don’t discount the power of forgiveness.”

Sandra Owens – “Life is like a mustache. It can be wonderful or terrible, but it always tickles.” Nora Roberts.

Collette Cameron – “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, relationships we were afraid to have, and…

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A KISS FOR MISS KNIGSLEY by Collette Cameron…a review





Twitter: Collette_Author

Genre: Historical Romance(Recency)


Source: Received for an honest review from the author

  •  Length: 448 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publisher: Blue Rose Romance (December 21, 2014)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English

Book Description(Courtesy of Amazon)

 December 21, 2014
Olivia Kingsley didn’t expect to fall in love and receive a secret marriage proposal two weeks into her first Season. However, one dance with Allen Wimpleton, heir to a viscountcy, and her fate is sealed. Or so she thinks until her eccentric and ailing father, unaware of Allen’s proposal, announces he’s moving the family to the Caribbean for a year. Unaware of her father’s ill health, Allen demands she choose—him or her father.

Heartbroken at his callousness, but thankful he’s revealed his true nature before she married him, Olivia turns her back…

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Thoughts while hiking …


Brown County

When my mother called, offering to take the kids, I was so excited!  What would I do with four consecutive days alone with my husband?

Not what you’d think.

I love the outdoors.  The first weekend we went away as a couple was spent camping and hiking with only a two man tent, a hatchet, a few bottled waters, and a package of hotdogs.  I showed my husband what it was to “rough it”.  We walked for hours, hiking so far out that we actually had to hitch-hike our way back to the campground.  Electric campsites?  I’d hear of no such thing!  Running water? HA! There’s no bathing in camping! Pit toilets were too civilized for my liking.

But then life happened.  We had kids and suddenly camping took on a whole new meaning.  I used to leave with just a small duffel, now it’s a huge production to go anywhere overnight, let alone an entire week.  The kids have always been good sports, learning to hike shortly after taking their first steps.  But it’s not as if I can ask them to hike fifteen miles.  Their little legs will only take them so far and they demand things, like rest, which make it difficult to enjoy the type of camping we used to love.

The kids aren’t the only additions to our family over the years.  Last year we purchased an RV, telling ourselves that it wasn’t to make camping easier, but to make it more accessible.  Now, inclement weather wouldn’t deter our family expeditions.  The four televisions, DVD players, and microwave were there just in case.  Needless to say, camping will never be like it was, but we thought we could at least get a good hike in while we were away.  The kind where we didn’t need to worry about fruit snacks, juice boxes, or naps.

So, I thought I’d share some of my random thoughts while on my trip away with my husband.

1. It’s really dreary outside.  Everything looks so brown.  I hate springtime – too brown.  Hence the name, Brown County?

2. There’s mud.  I used to like mud.  I still do – it’s great for the skin.

3. My boots are super cute.  They’re new.  Lots of serious outdoorsmen have them.

4. Now they’re dirty!  Oh God, my new cute boots are dirty.  I hate mud!

5. Is it raining?  Rain never bothered me before.

6. It’s still raining.  I’m going in the RV.  Do we get cable out here?

7. I will stay outdoors, but only while wearing two sweatshirts and a poncho.

8. I’m hungry.

9. Fire is hard to make.

10. Fire is really hard to make in the rain.

11. I’m too hungry to wait for fire, where’s the crackers?

12. Beer or water?

13. Really, what kind of question is that.

14. Let’s go for a hike!

15. I just bought these pants.  They’re great for hiking.  Said so on the display.

16. Boy, these boots sure are comfortable.

17. What’s the best trail?

18. We used to just head out and hope for the best, now we’re googling “best trail”.

19. Wait a sec, there’s snakes here?


21. Indiana has rattlesnakes?

22. Oh good, they’re only  in this area of the state.

23. This campground in particular? For real?

24. Not venturing off the trail today.

25. Okay, trail 9 it is.

26. This is great.  The sun’s coming out!

27. Sure, let’s go that extra mile!  I love this.

28. Wow, this ravine sure is deep.

29. Ravine or canyon.

30. Where’s my burro?

31. Time to go up now? No problem!

32. These shoes are so comfortable.

33. Gradual incline – I’m not even out of breath.

34. We’re still going up?  Is this a mountain?  Does Indiana have mountains?

35. Oh, boy.  That sun is getting hot.  I thought these pants were breathable.

36. We’ve already gone through that much water?

37.  Finally, we’re back on flat land.

38.  Back down again.

39. I have to cross the creek?

40. You want me to walk across that log?

41. I’m standing on the log!

42. Now, I’m not.

43. These boots are waterproof?  Best boots ever.

44. It’s cool, I’ll just walk through the creek.

45. Uphill again?

46. Not as gradual.

47. Is that me breathing?  I sound awful.

48. Are we there yet?

49. It’s hot. These pants are not breathable, my butt is sweating.

50. Did I forget deodorant?

51. I stink. I stink bad.

52. That little knobby bone on my ankle doesn’t feel too good.  I think the boots are rubbing.

53. I hate the sun.  Why is it so warm?

54. Okay, this isn’t so bad.  We can do this.  Sure, let’s go down this trail.


56. I can’t walk around it, I’m paralyzed with fear!

57. It’s coming right at me!

58. What kind of snake is red and tan?

59. I can’t walk around, I told you that!

60. I don’t care if it’s small, it’s still a snake!

61. *jumps over snake and runs*

62. I could have died.

63. I don’t care if it’s not venomous.  It ‘s still dangerous.

64. I don’t think so, husband.  That snake was clearly larger than a pencil.

65. What’s that sound?  Was that thunder?

66. It’s going around us.

67. Boy, thunder sure is loud in the forest.

68. Why are there so many turtles on the logs?

camp three

Turtles. So. Many. Turtles.

69. Seriously, it’s like The Birds with turtles.

70. Walk faster, the turtles are freaking me out.

71. Did you feel that?

72. Is it sprinkling?

73. Hello, poncho.

74. This poncho is hot.

75. Uphill again?

76. Did we even go downhill?

77. Wow, is that lightening?

78. I’m pretty tired.

79. Do we have snacks?

80. No snacks?

81. If this was an episode of “I Survived”, I wouldn’t.

82. I just need a snack!

83. That’s all the water?

84. I need a Pepsi.  A real Pepsi.

85. Is there a pop machine on this trail you think?

86. Wow, the rain is really coming now.

87. Let’s get to the road, this mud is getting slippery.

88. We still have two miles left?

89. Where is everybody?

90. Why are these people pulling over?  I saw this movie and I refuse to squeal like any farm animal, let’s get out of here.

91. Oh, it’s okay – they’re older.

92. Please don’t let that be my last thought.

93. There’s a tornado?  Oh, that’s why the road’s so empty.

94. Sure, we will hop in your car, total strangers.

95. It’s cool, they have a George Foreman grill back here. Serial killers don’t care about heart health.

96. Apparently, our campsite is a little farther than we thought.

97. We would have never made it.

98. I hate these boots. My feet hurt.

99. Finally!

100. I’m going to take a hot shower in the RV, grab some food, then watch some TV.  Let me know when camping’s over.

Camp 2

Friday Feature Iris Wynne The Missing Mah Jongg Player


C.D. Hersh

Friday Feature

This week is

Iris Wynne

Author of

The Missing Mah Jongg Player

We are happy to have Iris Wynne with us sharing with us the cover, Blurb, and an excerpt from her new book The Missing Mah Jongg Player due out soon from Soul Mate Publishing. Watch this space for when the book come out.

20150410 TheMissingMahjonggPlayer200


Steve Wade is an ex cop with an ex-wife and girlfriends he could never commit to. Now he’s a private investigator known for his knack in solving crimes.

This handsome private eye never has a problem finding clients. His newest case involves five frantic Mah Jongg players who are in search of one of their players who disappeared after meeting a man on an online dating site.

Steve Wade is reluctant to take the case. He believes she is just another woman not wanting to be found. But the women are insistent…

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Did You Know…A St. Patrick’s Day primer


st-patricks-day-vintage-graphicsfairy003This March 17th, I’ll wake up and throw on my usual tee and yoga pants, only to be assaulted when I get downstairs by my husband and small children because I forgot to wear green.  Why is wearing green such a big deal?

So, in pursuit of answers, I decided to take a gander around the internet and learn more about the day.  It turns out St. Patrick’s Day is about a lot more than just dying the river, drinking dark beer, and trying to convince myself that I actually enjoy corned beef and cabbage.

  • St. Patrick’s Day has become fairly popular when it comes to beer, but for most of the twentieth century you couldn’t be served beer in Ireland on March 17th. As a religious holiday (as it once was), pubs would have to close down in observation of the special day. This went on until the 1970’s.  What, no Guiness??
  • St. Patrick wasn’t even Irish!  He was reportedly born in Banwen (part of Wales) and later kidnapped by the Irish.  He would one day return to Ireland as a priest to spread Christianity.
  • His name wasn’t even Patrick – it was Maewyn Succat. Really rolls off the tongue, right?
  • St. Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland…only there’s no snakes in Ireland.  It’s great symbolism though!
  • Why shamrocks?  That’s how St. Patrick explained the holy trinity, though some believe the shamrock actually has roots in pagan Irish history.
  • Hallmark actually sells several million St. Patrick’s day cards per year. I for one have never sent one, but they appear to be fairly popular.
  • A typical St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland would include boiled bacon.  However, when Irish immigrants wanted to prepare their holiday dish in America, they found the beef brisket far more affordable. Paired with a cheap vegetable like cabbage, it became the go-to meal as a reminder of home.
  • The largest St. Patrick’s Day parades are in Montreal and New York City, not Ireland.
  • Shamrock shakes from McDonald’s really started with Philadelphia Eagles’ football player, Fred Hill.  While his own daughter was being treated for cancer, he saw parents camping out around the hospital and felt they should have someplace more comfortable to stay.  He received support from his coach and team, and later worked together with key McDonald’s associates, such as founder, Ray Kroc, to come up with funds.  The shamrock shake was developed as a way to help earn funds for the first Ronald McDonald House.  That makes the delicious shake guilt-free in my book!
  • St. Patrick’s Day is actually celebrated all over the world, including countries such as Japan and Malaysia.


Author Samanthya Wyatt …How she met her husband


Samanthya WyattMy morning usually starts with a cup of Java. If I’m lucky, hubby gets up first and brings me a cup of coffee in bed. Mmmm. What a way to greet the day!

How did I train hubby to be so good to me? Well, let me start from our rocky beginning.

When I was a teenager, my friend and I wanted to go to a dance. Neither one of us drove, so we resigned ourselves just to walk around the neighborhood. As luck would have it, a car drove by with two guys and she knew the driver. Woot. So she talked to him and, of course, I talked to his friend. I’m thinking He’s cute.

She asked, we’ll call him Dale, for a ride to the dance. His friend, we’ll call him Pete, hopped out of the car and into the back seat with me. So we’re talking and I’m thinking this is going good. We end up at the dance and the guys dropped us off and drove away. I was surprised, cause I thought the guys were going inside, but they didn’t.

So my friend and I go in, we have fun, and a couple guys walk us out. Woops!

Let me say, my friend was in charge of this operation and I was along for the ride. I should have paid more attention to the plan. Dale and Pete were in the parking lot to pick us up. Goody. I climb in the car, but Pete rides up front. I’m thinking This is not a good sign.

And I’m wondering what my friend told Dale before he dropped us off.

Anyway, the guys were pissed and Dale’s driving showed as much. They took us home, dropped us off, and left. Deep sigh.

Life went on.

I go to school and find Pete is a new student at my school. Holy Shit.

Somehow we started talking and ended up dating. Guess we were meant to be together.

Oh, that’s a song. Actually “Someday We’ll Be Together” by The Supremes was our song. Teenagers did that back then. Couples had a song that belonged to them.

We kept telling each other, someday we’d be together, and here we are 40 years later. Yep. Not a typo. And with the same man.

I really need to tell you something else. After a few months, we found out we had another rocky beginning. The more we talked, we found we’d sorta met before.

During junior high school, seems fate threw us together then too. I remembered him riding the same bus. He said, “You carried this little case thing.” Yep, I played in the school band. I was so shy. Good Lord, if a guy looked at me I didn’t know what to do. He thought I was stuck up.

One day Pete got on the bus and dropped into the seat right beside me. Oh my gosh. I started to breath heavy. I couldn’t believe it. He turned his back to me to speak to someone behind us. We each had our own version of what happened.

MY VERSION:  He turned his back to me. So he ignored me. How rude. And here I thought he liked me. I got so mad, I slammed my books between us on the seat.

HIS VERSION:  He turned in the seat to his friend. “I told you I was going to talk to her and here is my chance.” He turned back around and was surprised when she slammed her books down. He got the hint. She wasn’t interested. So he got up and moved.

It’s a wonder we ever got together. Musta been LOVE.

I love a good romance. With so many ideas running through my head, I decided to pursue my dream of writing. I enjoy penning a story with strong characters, a bit of humor, and active scenes. My characters in all of my books are fictitious. However, I have taken real life experiences to achieve the emotion for their situations.

Samanthya lives with her husband in the Shenandoah Valley. She left her accounting career and married a military man traveling and making her home in the United States and abroad. Once she found historical romance novels, she couldn’t put a book down. She fell in love with the characters and needed to know their happy ending.

One day she put words to paper creating a story of her own. The more she wrote, the more she became involved with the characters, and they seemed to take a life of their own. She relishes the challenge of penning a story with strong characters, a bit of humor, and active scenes. She enjoys creating new characters and bringing them together in a romantic tale. It took years of writing, joining RWA, joining chapters, entering contests, submissions& rejections which created the author she is today. By keeping her spirit and turning criticism into drive she has achieved her career as a published romance author.

To find Samanthya, please visit her website here:

You can also find Samanthya Wyatt on facebook, goodreads and amazon.





Chatting on Twitter


Twitter – the final frontier…

What is a Twitter chat?

While many descriptions abound, I like the following: Imagine a business networking event without a dress code and with a keyboard instead of a bar.

Or to be more precise…

A group of Twitter users meet at a pre-determined time to discuss set topics using a designated hashtag (#) for each tweet contributed. The moderator of the chat poses questions (Q1, Q2, Q3,…) to prompt responses from participants (A1, A2, A3, …). Each chat usually lasts an hour.


When I first joined Twitter, I shied away from participating in chats. To be truthful, I found them intimidating. I tried to follow the flow of several conversations and wondered how anyone could keep up with the constant flow of information. I had read somewhere that participating in a Twitter chat is like trying to navigate rapids while white water rafting. Not something I’ve ever tried or…

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New Release – CHASING THE OTHER TISDALE by Jessica Jefferson



To celebrate my new release this day, I’m sharing an excerpt of my newest release from the Regency Blooms series.  Don’t forget to check out my website, and follow my blog tour for chances to win gift cards and other great swag!


She’s the other sister…

Lillian Tisdale has lived her life overshadowed by the beauty of her older sister. She’s better known as the other Tisdale, unremarkable and unsure how she could ever deliver on the promise of her family name.

He’s hiding behind a façade…

Will Colton leads a frivolous existence, embracing notoriety instead of managing his family’s fortune.  Determined to forget his financial burden and his father’s growing resentment, he maintains a lifestyle dedicated to pleasure and self-indulgence.

When Will is invited to the Tisdale estate for an extended holiday, he never expects to become friends with the forgettable Lillian. But when a family secret comes to light, Will must choose between leaving London and protecting the honor of one woman or staying and risking the reputation of another…

Two years later, Will Colton returns to England under dubious circumstances to find the girl he left behind has come out of the shadows and into her own.  Lilly’s finally the center of attention, and not all of its good.  But with his own reputation in tatters, how can this reformed rake lure her out of the hands of London’s bachelors and back into his arms? Can Will escape his past and reclaim her heart, or will he have finally lost Lilly for good?

The Excerpt:

She looked . . . lovely.

“Leave me alone,” she said, her voice quivering.

He shook his head. This little chase had cost him a brand new pair of expensive pants—he was certainly not going to back down now and make it all for naught. “Not until you tell me what’s the matter. Why did you run away?”

“Because I’m being a silly female.”

Will had known her long enough now to be certain that nothing was further from the truth. “You’re not at all silly.”

She shook her head. “I am and it’s not something I’m proud of, either. But I’m afraid I can’t seem to help it.”

“Help what?”

“This.” She waved her arms around her. “Being so angry!”

“I knew you were mad.”

“No, you fool. I’m not angry because of anything you said. It’s what you didn’t say.”

Now she did sound a trifle bit ridiculous.

“What did I do wrong? At least tell me that much.” This was precisely the reason he’d never befriended a female before. They were highly confounded figures that were prone to fits of hysterics—just like this.

“You told me I was a good friend,” she stated quite derisively.

“And that was a bad thing?”

She shook her head. “It’s not . . . but it is.”

His head hurt.

“You wouldn’t understand,” she said, turning her back to him. “Someone like you could never understand. Everybody likes you, everybody remembers you. You’ve never been teased or overheard others talk about your spots when they thought you weren’t listening. Oh, I bet you’ve never even had spots!”

He watched her shoulders tremble and knew she was crying again. Suddenly, he didn’t care how preposterous the conversation was. He just wanted whatever had gone wrong to be set right again. He wanted to make her stop crying, to provide her whatever comfort he could.

Will reached out and touched her shoulder. He felt her stiffen underneath his hand as she tried to subdue the sobs that were racking through her.

Lilly took a step forward, causing his arm to fall away, then turned to him again. “People are forever telling me how funny I am, or letting me know how much they appreciate my kindness. But the only reason I’m ever invited anywhere is because of Ambrosia.”

“There are worse things to be called than funny and kind.”

“Not always,” she said quietly, looking off into the distance. “My sister is beautiful, just like my mother. I’ve lived my entire life in the shadow of that beauty, with the conciliatory prize of being dubbed the funny one. This time next year, my sister will no doubt be married to a perfectly lovely man and will have started trying to make their ridiculously gorgeous family.”

“Are you worried that you may not find a husband? That you won’t be married as well?” he asked.

“Oh, I’ll be married all right,” she stated confidently. “I have a large dowry and a powerful father. Whereas my sister has her beauty to tempt eligible gentlemen, I’ll be forced to use my wit and hope that my fortune will be enough to draw them to me. I’m certain I’ll meet a nice gentleman who doesn’t make my pulse race or my heart thump madly against my chest, but gets along with me just fine. We’ll be good friends, and that’s all that I’ll ever have to look forward to.”

“You can’t think that—”

“It’s the truth,” she interrupted. “It says a great deal to be admired for one’s good nature, but just once I’d love for a man to want me for so much more. I want to be desired, to be wanted  . . .” Lilly looked down at her feet. “Now, do you understand why it’s so silly?”

The moon was higher now, and the entire garden was cast in a blue tinged light. Lilly stood there, her sooty black lashes fanning out upon the apples of her cheeks. Her hair was styled into a single braid—strands of gold and red shined in the moonlight. Her wrapper was thin and when she moved just right, her back to the light, her silhouette could be seen clearly through the garment. He’d made a mistake in thinking of her as a girl. She was clearly a woman, with ample breasts and a generous curve to her hips.

Standing as she was, she looked very much like a statue of a Greek goddesses, with her voluptuous figure and skin gleaming like alabaster in the moonlight.

He wanted her.

The feeling came on rather swiftly and the realization practically knocked him over. Despite her claim to the contrary, Lillian Tisdale looked quite desirable and the farthest thing from his mind was how funny she could be.




Yolanda Ashton’s A Will for Love


AWillForLoveThis week I’m happy to host Yolanda Ashton and reveal her cover for A Will for Love, coming February 11th!  Here’s a blurb –

Lanya gave her love and trust to a man, only to find out their relationship was a lie. Shattered  she decides she’s never give her heart to anyone again. But when her ex, Mikael LockRidge, offers her a proposition she can’t refuse Layna finds being with him , makes it hard to resist the sensual pull between them.

Blackmailed to commit an act that still haunts him, Mikael accepts his current loveless relationship as karma. But when he receives unexpected help from the grave, Mikael realizes he wants back what he loss–  he just has to convince the ex he gutted- to let him back in her life and her heart



About the author – 

Yolanda Ashton is the alter ego of a thirty-something mother of three. Throughout daylight hours she’s an educational professional and during the nights (when she’s not daydreaming, reading and/or  watching vampire drama) she’s writing, hanging with family and trying to recover from a day spent with middle school students.

My two favorite things to do in the world (outside of family) are reading and writing-I fell in love with words at an early age. I love creating worlds with them and entering new worlds designed by them. Throughout my life I’ve always felt the epitome of a great “me” day is one spent reading a book or creating one.

Things I love-

The Vampire Diaries (Damon Salvatore…need I say more)

The Originals (Loving Klaus in all his bad-ass glory)



Pop music

Marvel Super Hero Movies

Favorite Genres to Read –

Romance (New Adult, and Paranormal)

Young Adult

Links and other info –

A Will for Love is scheduled for release on February 11th. Visit my site for buy links and other info