BetterU Challenge – 12 Week Intervention (T-14 weeks)


Days 1-2 (Technically, still pre-days.  I’m trying to lose ten pounds before weigh in!)

The BetterU Challenge is a great opportunity the American Heart Association provides for women to start their journey to better health.

When I received the application via email, I said to myself, “Self- what do you have to lose?”  The answer—about thirty pounds.  So, I filled out the application.  After all, things have been a bit slow to get back to normal after the second baby.  Let me clarify—the ‘baby’ is now almost three.  Prior to ‘baby’, I ran 5k’s, had a normal BMI, and was probably the healthiest I’d ever been.

And then my coworker cursed me.  He told me that once I lost all the weight and started feeling good about myself, that I’d end up pregnant again.  And he was right.  I gained well over fifty pounds, and to my surprise, the baby didn’t weigh nearly that much.  After the baby,  I entertained the idea of losing the weight.  I joined the gym, signed up for Weight Watchers, bought some Fiber One bars.  It didn’t really work out that great.  Rather, I didn’t really work out.

So, nearly three years later, I filled out the application, not thinking much would come of it.  After all, I’m not really obese, just ‘fleshy’.  Imagine my surprise when I received the notice that the American Heart Association believed me to be unhealthy enough to necessitate intervention.  The next 12 weeks will be spent learning to be healthier with the assistance of diet and exercise coaching, culminating in a big reveal at the ballroom at Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.

So, Monday 1/20/2014, I thought I’d get a jump on the whole thing.  My older exercise clothes were a bit snug, so I purchased a new ensemble for the occasion.  It may have looked more flattering on the hanger.  This inspired the question, “Should I wear Spanx with my exercise clothes?”  It’d go a long way to iron out all those lumps and bumps.  My pants made my legs look like two sausages in black, shiny casing, with my bottom resembling two pork roasts covered in Lycra.  The whole thing left a lot to be desired, but I applied my new coral lipstick and went onto rediscover my treadmill.

Jazzy Dance Moves

Jazzy dance moves in the new exercise clothes


The treadmill in the basement/jungle gym for kids


A mix of exercise, eating, and writing (I think they might all be connected!)

Monday 1/20 – Thirty minutes of walking twice in one day.  Severe overage on my Weight Watchers Points.  There was this red velvet cupcake, and the wine, and then the frozen pizza for dinner . . . Will try harder tomorrow – made healthy soup.  Sales fell on book (insert pouty face).

I made these . . . and then ate them.

I made these . . . and then ate them.

Tuesday 1/21— Ate healthy soup.  No comment.   Walked during lunch at work.  Received bad review, plus an addendum to a previous bad review (what’s up with that?).  Then ate two Valentine’s Day cakes.

Turkey sausage, northern beans, and a lot of vegetables.  Needs . . . bacon.

Turkey sausage, northern beans, and a lot of vegetables. Needs . . . bacon.